• Choose what to cook from a selection of recipes
  • Decide if we need any extra ingredients (that aren’t in the store cupboard)
  • if yes – see ‘Shopping’
  • Head to the kitchen
  • Thoroughly wash and dry hands
  • Put on Aprons
  • Ensure all the kitchen surfaces are clean and dry before we start
  • Collect together all the ingredients and cooking utensils that we will need
  • Follow recipe step by step ensuring we follow food hygiene guidelines along the way
  • Wash and dry dishes
  • Clean kitchen
  • If taking home, package up meal in appropriate containers


  • Write out our shopping list
  • Decide whether to go to the shops or whether to order our shopping online
  • If going to the shops, decide how we are going to get there – are we going to walk, or take the bus
  • If taking the bus, check the timetable and decide which bus we want to get
  • When ready to leave, gather shopping bags, money, take bus passes (if appropriate), put on coats, hats, gloves as appropriate for weather conditions
  • Once arrived at the shop, follow the list and collect together all the items we want
  • When ready, head to the till, scan items, count out money needed and pay self-scan till or cashier as appropriate
  • If travelling by bus, find correct one, if walking, head back to Lochvale


Choose a sport or activity to take part in

To develop and improve hand/eye co-ordination

To encourage team play and co-operation with others

To promote mental health and wellbeing

To improve physical health and fitness

To encourage social interaction

To promote patience and turn-taking

To help improve spatial awareness


To choose an organised walk to join or decide on our own route

To develop awareness of surroundings

To develop awareness of traffic danger and practice safe road crossing

To develop awareness of ‘stranger danger’

To promote physical health and wellbeing

To improve fitness levels

To promote mental health and wellbeing

To enjoy social interaction with others

To appreciate nature around us

To learn about and enjoy seasonal foraging for fruit such as blackberries leading to making jam or crumbles in our cooking


To choose an art or craft to create

To encourage focus on creating something from start to finish

To develop imagination

To develop hand/eye co-ordination

To promote relaxation whilst doing something without television/iPad/consoles

To develop and encourage own ideas and creativity