Why We Exist

Too often our challenged adults are forgotten about in society and left to sit around doing nothing all day with little exercise or stimulation

We want to help change the misconception that, because they have a disability, whether learning or physical (or both), they are not capable of living a fulfilled and productive life.

Our adults have the right, like anyone else, to choose what they would like out of life, how they would like to achieve that goal and with whose support.

Just like any one of us, they deserve and need a variety of social interactions to form firm and long-term friendships with their peers and like-minded individuals.

We would like the opportunity to play a part in providing that chance for them by giving them the space and facilities to socialise, work on goals and enjoy life.

We are able to team up with Let’s Get Sporty which is an organisation in the same building, who can offer apprenticeships in coaching sports to both children and adults. Indeed my daughter is currently accessing this opportunity and goes out with a mentor to toddler groups and care homes delivering exercise and sports to them. This opens up opportunities for them and the possibility of employability and may lead some of them into voluntary work or even paid jobs in the future, whether in sports or other avenues.