Transition from School

We know how difficult transition can be – leaving school for many young people with learning disabilities (and their families & carers), can be an incredibly traumatic time.

We aim to help ease that trauma by offering transition opportunities for secondary school pupils. We can offer half or full day sessions with us where they can learn about what happens next, what life might look like for them after they leave school. We can introduce them to activities out in the community such as disability sports, swimming, shopping for cooking ingredients, bus travel etc.

They can meet some of our gang who have all been through it themselves and can perhaps offer reassurance and strategies to help them through.

We can chat with parents/carers and again, perhaps offer reassurance, as some of us as parents of adults with learning disabilities ourselves have also been through it all. We can offer advice of what worked for us and pass on details of all the options available, be it college, council provided services or other services in the area.

At the end of the day, the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of transition is to make it as painless as possible and find the right match for each individual. Not every service suits everyone’s needs and this is the opportunity to find out about what’s out there and what the individual enjoys, needs and can cope with.